Colorimetric field test for the detection of synthetic cathinones

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  • 2 ampoules with detection reagent and sealing cap
  • 2 small spatulas
  • Instructions for use

Main features

  • Fast and precise: Our cathinone rapid test enables you to quickly and reliably identify synthetic cathinones in substance samples.
  • Keto group detection: The test enables the detection of even the smallest amounts of cathinones based on their characteristic keto group, so that even new and upcoming derivatives can be specifically and reliably identified.
  • User-friendly: Easy to use, no complicated laboratory equipment required. Clear results are obtained within minutes.
  • Safety check: The test is ideal for checking your substances for the admixture or exclusive presence of synthetic cathinones, also known as "bath salts".

Harm Reduction: This test strengthens personal responsibility by enabling users to make fact-based decisions to minimize harm and helps to gather facts about the composition of substances.

Rapid test for "bath salts" and "legal highs"

Synthetic cathinones, often called "bath salts" or "legal highs", are a group of psychoactive substances that are chemically related to cathinone, the main active ingredient in the khat plant. The best-known examples are mephedrone (4MMC) and 3MMC, which have now established themselves in the party scene. However, there are also numerous other derivatives such as MDPV, 4-FMC or 3-FMC, which have hardly been researched and are potentially dangerous.

With our rapid test for synthetic cathinones, you can determine for the first time whether your drugs contain synthetic cathinones in order to minimize the risk of undesirable side effects and health hazards.

At the heart of our test is a patented reagent that can quickly and accurately identify cathinones and differentiate between their various forms. This enables private individuals to test for synthetic cathinones for the first time, for which there were previously no reliable color reactions.

Testing stimulants such as cocaine, (meth)amphetamine or MDMA for cathinones

Many dealers dilute popular stimulants such as cocaine, (meth)amphetamine or MDMA/ecstasy with synthetic cathinones, as these are often cheaper and produce similar effects. It is even possible for a synthetic cathinone to be labeled and sold as another drug. The rapid test for synthetic cathinones now makes it possible to check your drugs for cathinones because it does not give a color reaction with, for example, amphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, GHB or ketamine.

Check cathinones such as mephedrone (4MMC) or 3MMC for purity

Synthetic cathinones, especially mephedrone (4MMC) and 3MMC, have become widespread in the party scene in recent years and are being deliberately consumed by more and more people. As the most popular cathinones are now banned, it is also possible for dealers to cut 4MMC or 3MMC with other, cheaper and more dangerous amphetamine derivatives such as 4-FA, MDBD, 2-FA or 2 FMA. The rapid test for synthetic cathinones makes it possible to test whether it is really a cathinone in the given sample. 

Versatility and combinability 

The test reacts specifically with substances containing keto groups (shown in red). Cathinones are mainly recognizable by the keto group, which chemically differentiates them from amphetamine. If the synthetic cathinone test shows a positive result, it can be concluded that a substance with a keto group is present in the sample.

To increase accuracy, we recommend combining the synthetic cathinone test with primary tests such as Marquis or Liebermann, as cathinone derivatives usually do not show a color reaction in the Marquis field test, unlike other psychedelic substances. This allows you to precisely detect the presence of synthetic cathinones even in mixtures.

For example, an MDMA precursor product containing a keto group can lead to a false positive result. However, if a Marquis test was previously used and shows a reaction, it can be concluded that no cathinone is present despite the positive cathinone test.

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