We are all individual personalities and yet there is a great deal of intersection. It influences who we are as a team and what miraculix is all about. The company values shape our daily interaction, whether in our small team, in our dealings with partners and customers, or with you, the community. Our values are the paving stones on which we walk towards our vision.

We are reliable. With the development of our products we have taken on a responsibility and we want to live up to it at all times and for every stakeholder group.

We are focused, because we know where the journey should go. We have set our sights on a lot and we will achieve it because we never lose sight of what is essential.

We are collaborative. We want to make a difference together without individuals having to give up their individuality. Everyone is an important part of the miraculix community. Regardless of whether he or she works for us.

We are ready to help. For those who need us, we are there and for those who ask for help, we are there to help. Everything we do is an offer. Everyone is free to accept it.

We are tolerant. Conversely, we do not judge what others do. Everyone should have the freedom to live his or her life as he or she sees fit. We do not want to be stereotyped, always assuming that we and others are met with the same openness.

We are inclusive. With everything we do, we want to include people, never exclude them. We are convinced that in joint action lies the key to success.

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